You may choose us to represent you in your all instutional meetings, congress, conferances, launching assemblies, seminars and for all the other organizations; and you may profit by our consultancy service, you may also commit us all the project or only the some parts of the project or you may contact with us whenever you need support for all operations.

    We would like to remind you that our organization staff, who are all graduated from university or a student of it, is %100 qualified and experienced considering the extremely significant criterion such as foreign language, diction, aesthetics...etc. PRINC employee who took part in quite a few national or international events are chosen and employed meticulously. We share the feeling of difference and privilege that is created by such kind of a special staff. We are in subservient to you with our more than 200 hosts and hostess’, transfer contacts, operational manager who put signature to lots of operations and who are all registered to our firm and all active.

    Our land route transfers with its optimized price are free of problems and performing a high quality service. You may constitute your fleet with each vehicle you request and leave us all control and reporting issues. Our all colleagues who takes part in our organization staff are all instructed with detailed briefings and are prepared for the assignment before the project day.

    If you let us know the criterion you are looking for in the staff you need in your project beforehand, you meet the staff who covers the expectations of you one-to-one. This situation not only gets credit of our guests, but it also gives the pleasure of being a part of such an organization remembered easily. This experince leaves you the honour and appreciation of a flawless completed project.